Here we will be documenting and reflecting upon the process of development of a project this project, which is currently in development through the Mozilla Open Leaders Programme (5th cohort).

{Working} Title

Teaching & Learning with/on the Open Web Expertise Hub (TeLOWEH)

After getting on board some useful feedback, we have decided to change the initial title to something different, which brings the term ‘Open Web’ to the fore and also makes a slightly better acronym (or at least includes the name of an animal traditionally associated with wisdom, knowledge, expertise!):

Open Web Learning & Teaching Expertise Hub (OWLTEH)


We are educators concerned with the Open Web and the health of the Internet, working together in order to raise awareness, share expertise and inspire practice, so that more people can benefit from the potential of open online infrastructures for the teaching-learning in a networked world and the development of web literacies. 

 As a result of this project we will create a website gathering stories and examples of situated practice that illustrate how different tools and features of the Open Web can be of use in educational contexts.



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