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After the initial meeting with the whole cohort (A), we had some work to get done in preparation for week 2: to complete an Open Canvas and a roadmap for our project ‘Teaching & Learning on/with the Open Web Expertise Hub’.

We began by refining our vision statement for the project and then outlined key elements through the open canvas, as well as a draft roadmap.

Below you can find a text version of our Open Canvas notes and our project roadmap!

Open Canvas


  • Lack of awareness/understanding of what the Open Web is, including basic understanding of its role in global commerce and communication, and current threats to the Open Web (governmental legislation, corporate monopolisation)
  • Lack of awareness/understanding of how the Open Web can be utilised in education, why working in the open can be beneficial to learner educational experiences, the existence of and what is meant by open spaces and propriety spaces in relation to EdTech.
  • Educators are not taking advantage of open practices in learning design, leading to a lack of: intercultural/international working, sharing of practice, cooperation between teams across organisations / communities / geographical distance, development of learning design with input from students, interdisciplinary practices.
  • Educators lack confidence, skills, access to resources and community support to know how to go about working on the Open Web or discussing relevant discussion points with learners.


  • Gather examples of inspiring practice and expertise
  • Raise awareness of the Open Web and current threats to the Open Web (governmental legislation, corporate monopolisation, education specific examples)
  • Raise awareness of how developing educational practices on the Open Web supports learner digital fluency
  • Promote how open practices can lead to exciting collaborative opportunities for both learners and educators, and inclusive critical practices
  • Provision of approaches and tools so that educators can deploy and remodel these to fit their learners needs

Key metrics 

  • Number of contributors
  • Quality and depth of contributed content
  • New networks of collaboration emerging from the project
  • Interest from target publics: educators consulting the Hub

Resources required 

  • Expertise and time from contributors
  • Graphic and web design expertise
  • Online communication / social media expertise
  • Educational resources production expertise
  • Web hosting
  • Web domain

Contributor profiles 

  • DMLL staff
  • Student activators
  • champions
  • Open and connected educators
  • Collaborators from other projects:
  • OpenMed
  • EduHack
  • Other key organisations
  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • Open Knowledge International

User profiles 

  • Educators interested in networked learning, digital pedagogies and open educational practices
  • Students involved in Domains of One’s Own initiatives

Contributor channels 

  • Direct communication
  • Recommendations/suggestions from other contributors
  • Listservs

User channels 

  • Project’s web domain
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Cross-posting by contributors

Unique value proposition 

Gather in one single place information on what the Open Web is and how it can be used for teaching and learning, offering detailed examples of models, approaches and activities focusing on this.


Here you can find some of the resources recommended as an intro to the programme:



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