Our mentor

One of the best things of the Mozilla Open Leaders programme is the high level of diversity among mentors and participants, as well as the lack of traditional forms hierachy. Indeed, it is such a honour for us to have a very enthusiastic undergraduate student as our mentor: Harry Smith.

Harry studies Natural Sciences – specialising in Maths and Physics – and has been with Mozilla since 2014 helping in a variety of areas, including mentoring for Open Leaders for several of the last cohorts. He has a particular interest in quantum technologies and its wider impacts on the world at large as well as bridging the gap between experts within professions and the wider public.

He has already provided us with very valuable feedback and tips based on his own experience both as a Mozilla Open Leader and after his role as a mentor with previous cohors. His own project focused on the creation of training materials aimed at helping anyone learn how to start a Mozilla Study Group, which is "an informal, in-person meet-up for scientists and researchers who want to know more about code and open research practice."

Zebetus is his nickname in both GitHub and @Twitter.

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