README [draft]

We will be using GitHub to host the README, as well as other documentation for managing the project. For now, here is an initial draft we have had the chance to discuss with other fellow Mozilla Open Leaders.

Please use the comments below if you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement. We would love to hear your thoughts!

OWLTEH is a community of people who want to share their knowledge as widely as possible to help others understand the potential of learning on/with the Open Web.

OWLTEH shares resources and examples of inspiring practice related to the Open Web and the health of the internet. OWLTEH helps you understand what the Open Web is, why it is essential for a healthy internet and how it can be used for educational purposes. OWLTEH helps you find examples of how to use open online infrastructures for learning and teaching as well as the people who made them. You will like OWLTEH if you are interested in learning in a networked world and want to help your community (school, university, community organisation etc.) to develop their own web literacies.

How can I get involved?

Contributions to OWLTEH are made up of two main varieties:

  • Examples are case studies or interviews on how you have used the Open Web in teaching and learning.
  • Resources support other people to have a go at using your approach to teaching and learning on the Open Web, and can include workshop guidelines, tool downloads, or discussion materials to help others to use and remix your approach.

If you would like to add a resource or example of how the Open Web can be used in teaching and learning, then get in touch via Twitter, email or our idea submission page {the two latter still work in progress}.

Read our submission guidelines to understand how best to present your contribution.

All materials on OWLTEH are licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. This means that you can use any of the materials however you wish so long as you give attribution, and where you have made adapted the materials to make a new resource that these materials are shared with the same license as the original materials. Read the license here.

Help us grow and improve OWLTEH:
Check out our issues (a list of items that need help or fixing), to see what you can do to improve or add to these materials. If you're new to GitHub, again, a quick look at section 3 should help explain how this works. We'd love your help! {For now taken from whole from}

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