The Mozilla Open Leaders programme

We are delighted to be part of round 5 of Mozilla Open Leaders with a project idea that aims to gather and share expertise and sources of inspiration around uses of the Open Web in educational contexts. Provisionally we called it Teaching & Learning with/on the Open Web Expertise Hub (TeLOWEH).

Mozilla Open Leaders offers mentorship and training on working open. Join a cohort of project leads fueling the Internet Health movement. Receive mentorship and training through the Mozilla community in this 14-week online program on working open.

From February till May we will be developing the idea further, as part of one of the four cohorts within this round of the programme.

There was a record breaking 219 applicants from New Delhi to Nuremberg with projects covering topics from misinformation to fMRI research. After 835 blind reviews and one intense mentor selection week, we are pleased to share the 78 projects joining our next round of mentorship and training on open practices.

Meet Our Next Cohort of Open Leaders: Mozilla Open Leaders Round 5 starts in 2 weeks

You can see on the Mozilla Open Leaders website the whole list of projects to be developed as part of this interation of the programme.


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